The Incredible Wiracocha Temple in the Archaeological Complex of Raqchi - Cusco
It is the most famous construction of the Archaeological site of Raqchi in Cusco. It is a temple over 14 meters high.
It is located in the South Valley at 119 km. From the city of Cusco, in the district of San Pedro de Cachas in the province of Canchis at 3460 meters above sea level.
The Wiracocha temple is located on an esplanade and has two naves with windows and doors built on a base of andesite stone.
For many historians, the size of its buildings must have made this temple the most proportional...
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 Do you know the Fortress of Puca Pucará?
Do you know Puca Pucara?
It is a military construction located at 3850 meters above sea level, near the city of Cusco, in Peru.
It is one of the main archaeological sites along with Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo and Tambomachay. It is said that it was a resting place or “Tambo” for the entourage that accompanied the Inca on his visit to Tambomachay.
Due to being on a raised platform it was given the name of Fortress, this fortress is composed of large walls, stairways, terraces and terraces.
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