How are the National Holidays celebrated in the city of Cusco?
Every July 28, another year of the Independence of Peru is celebrated.
Each city celebrates it in its own way, but in the city of Cusco it is characterized by being full of tradition, pride, color and joy, thanks to the great patriotic spirit of the people of Cusco.
How are the National Holidays celebrated in the city of Cusco?
The festivities begin with an exquisite gastronomic festival with all our representative dishes such as baked pig, guinea pig pepián, olluquito of charqui, chicharron...
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Virgin of Carmen of Paucartambo, Cusco
The Festivity of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo, is a very important religious holiday, declared a Cultural Heritage in 2006.
Between July 15 and 18, every year tribute is paid to the Patron of Mestizos, also known as “Mamacha Carmen”.
The Paucartambo district is just over a 2-hour drive from the city of Cusco, and is known as the folkloric capital of this region, for its history and miscegenation.
This festivity begins with fireworks, dances and the ringing of bells. Then...
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